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Crown & Bridge


BruxZir® Full Zirconia

"Trachsel Dental’s most popular restoration since 2010!"

  • Monolithic restoration (no porcelain overlay)
  • 1,100 Mpa Strength
  • CAD/CAM Produced
  • All Indications

What is BruxZir Solid Zirconia?

BruxZir Solid Zirconia is the #1 prescribed brand of full-contour zirconia in North America. Providing a stronger and more durable cementable solution, BruxZir restorations can be used in almost any clinical situation and are an esthetic alternative to cast gold and metal occlusal PFMs.

Patient Benefits

BruxZir is completely chip-proof, as it is made of solid zirconia with no porcelain overlay. As a result, this monolithic material is extremely durable. The glazed smooth surface of the final BruxZir restoration prevents plaque buildup and opposing dentition wear.

Preparation Requirements for BruxZir Crowns & Bridges:

Shoulder preparation not needed, feather edge is OK. It is a conservative preparation similar to full-cast gold, so any preparation with at least 0.5 mm of occlusal space is accepted. Minimum occlusal reduction of 0.5 mm; 1 mm is ideal.

Cementation Recommendations:

Ceramir Crown & Bridge or a resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement such as RelyX™Luting Cement (3M ESPE; St. Paul, Minn.) or GC FujiPlus™ (GC America; Alsip; Ill.) For short or over-tapered preparations, use a resin cement such as RelyX™ Unicem (3M ESPE) or Panavia™ F2.0 (Kuraray; New York, N.Y.).

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BruxZir® Anterior Solid Zirconia - HTZ

"High Translucency Zirconia HTZ!"

  • Monolithic restoration (no porcelain overlay)
  • 650-720 Mpa Strength
  • CAD/CAM Produced
  • Indicated for single units and up to 3-unit bridgework in all tooth positions
  • BruxZir®  Anterior HTZ is twice as strong as lithium disilicate and is 10-15% more translucent than standard zirconia
  • Trachsel Dental Studio has seen excellent results for over two years with this product!

What is CubeX2 Zirconia?

The new CubeX material combines the known positive properties of zirconia with a significant increase in translucency (49% translucency) making it ideal for anterior and posterior applications up to 3-unit bridgework in all tooth positions. Highly biocompatible, CubeX is the ideal restorative material for today’s dentistry offering the translucency of a lithium disilicate while retaining the strength of zirconia at 720MPa. Unlike current glass ceramics, CubeX allows for a conservative feather edge preparation due to its high strength. Dentists no longer have to choose between traditional zirconia and lithium disilicate... CubeX has both strength and beauty!

Clinical Indications:

CubeX2 is indicated for single crowns and 3-unit bridgework in all tooth positions

Preparation Requirements for CubeX2:

Cubex requires less tooth preparation than lithium disilicate (e.max). Ideally 0.8mm chamfer or rounded shoulder prep is preferred, however a feather-edge margin is acceptable with 1.0 – 1.5mm occlusal reduction.

Cementation Recommendations:

Ceramir Crown & Bridge or a resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement such as RelyX Luting Cement (3M ESPE) or GC Fuji Plus (GC America) for short over-tapered preparations, use a resin cement such as RelyX Unicem (3M ESPE) or Panavia F2.0 (Kuraray).

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IPS eMax

IPS e.max

"A highly esthetic milled CAD/CAM option!"

  • CAD/CAM produced
  • 100% metal free
  • Highly esthetic
  • 360 Mpa flexural strength

IPS e.max Press is a versatile and proven lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) for the press technique. The materials offers excellent fit, function and esthetics combined with high strength The ingots are not only very attractive, but also exceptionally user-friendly. They come in a wide range of shades and translucency levels for utmost flexibility.


  • Lifelike esthetics, regardless of the shade of the prepared tooth
  • Minimally invasive, accurately fitting restorations
  • Depending on the indication, the restorations can be placed with adhesive, self-adhesive or conventional cementation techniques using tried-and-tested, coordinated luting materials
  • High strength (400 MPa) and high esthetics
  • Four levels of translucency and additional Impulse ingots for maximum flexibility

IPS e.max® Press can be used to fabricate restorations which preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible, such as inlays, onlays, table tops ("occlusal veneers") and Thin Veneers. The range of indications of course also includes crowns, bridges for the anterior and premolar region as well as implant superstructures.


Single units, up to three unit bridges.

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Porcelain to Zirconia (LAVA)

"Capable of blocking dark preps!"

  • Zirconia coping CAD/CAM Produced
  • Porcelain build for superior esthetics
  • 100% metal free
  • Highly Biocompatible
  • PFZ porcelain used to block dark preps

Porcelain to Zirconia (Lava) crowns & bridges

Zirconia frameworks and bridges are designed and milled in house, using CAD/CAM technology. Creating precision fit margins and strength within each restoration. After the Zirconia substructure is sintered for 6.5 hours at 1,530 degrees Celsius the units will be hand layered with porcelain to achieve the requested shade. They are an excellent restoration option for patients with metal concerns.


  • 1100 MPa high strength zirconia
  • Zirconia substructure CAD/CAM produced
  • FDA approved


Single units, crowns & bridges.

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Porcelain Fused to Metal

"Dentistry’s tried and true!"

  • Digitally manufactured (metal substructure)
  • Laser Melted substructure creating clean metal
  • Excellent crown & bridge options
  • Used for over 60 years
  • Tried & true certified alloys

Patient Benefits:

  • Strong metal substructure available in noble, high noble and non-precious alloys
  • Proven long term durability


  • Single unit crowns
  • long span bridges-Anywhere with sufficient occlusal clearance (1.5mm minimum)

Preparation Requirements:

  • The ideal preparation for PFMs is a chamfer margin preparation. If a porcelain labial margin is prescribed, then a shoulder margin preparation is required.

Cementation Recommendations:

  • Panavia 21 - tin-plated
  • Glass ionomer cement (GC Fuji, GC America; Alsip, IL)
  • Zinc Phosphate
  • Polycarboxylate
  • Resin Ionomer cement (RelyX, 3M ESPE; St. Paul, MN)

Chairside Adjustment Notes:

If an adjustment is needed on the ceramic, use a fine diamond with water and air to keep the crown cool. To contour the ceramic, polish with a pink rubber wheel and diamond polishing paste (Brasseler, Shofu, Vident).

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Full Cast Crowns

Full Cast Crowns

"Biocompatible, long lasting, superior strength!"

  • White Precious Full Cast crown
  • Yellow Precious Full Cast crown
  • Non Precious Full Cast crown



Full-cast restorations are indicated for single crowns as well as bridges anywhere in the mouth. Inlays & onlays can also be fabricated as a full-cast restoration

Yellow/White Precious & Non-Precious Options:

White Precious Full Cast

  • High Noble (Collegiate)
  • Noble (Jelstar)
  • Economy (Albacast)

Yellow Precious Full Cast

  • High Noble (Firmilay or Modulay)
  • Noble (Rajah
  • Economy (Midas)

Non-Precious Full Cast

  • NPG+2 = semi-precious with 2% gold
  • Non-Precious white metal (Talladium Tilite or Argen Prime)

Full Cast – White Precious Crowns & Bridges

Doctor Preparation:

Feather-edge margin preparations are indicated for full-cast restorations. However, any margin preparation can be used. Occlusal/incisal reduction: 1.5mm Facial/lingual reduction 1.2mm


  • Longevity
  • Plaque resistance
  • High marginal integrity and durability
  • Full cast crowns can last for 35-45 years with good oral hygiene

Cementation Recommendations:

  • Panavia 21 (must be tin-plated if precious metal is used
  • Glass ionomer cement (GC Fuji, GC America)
  • Zinc Phosphate
  • Polycarboxylate
  • Resin Ionomer cement (RelyX, 3M ESPE)

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TDS Dentures & Partials

Impression Material:

Dr.’s choice of impression material. For partial dentures and immediate dentures we recommend alginate impressions.

Impression Trays:

Stock perforated metal trays for all impressions we have found to work best!

Materials Used:

We like Ivocap Injections and Lucitone 199. If you have a preference please make note on Rx.

Help Us Help You!

  • Indicate preferred tooth arrangement (soft, medium, vigorous)
  • Patients age & birth date (we’ll have an ID tag placed within material)
  • IPN Premium teeth are always used, unless you request economy. Porcelain teeth available by special order
  • Please indicate palatal relief, trial or finish, post dam (hard, medium, light)


6 days - rush cases available upon request.


Trachsel Dental offers a full range of orthodontic appliances. Brian Trachsel, owner of Trachsel Dental Studio and Certified Dental Technician of 31 years welcomes any consultative services at no additional charge.

To learn more about our Orthodontic solutions, click on the product below.

Pro-form Mouthguards

"A custom fit that blows away the competition"

Pro-form Night Guards

  • A custom fit that blows away the competition
  • Pro-Form mouthguards Minimize
    • Risks of broken/chipped teeth
    • Injuries to soft tissue of the mouth
    • Jaw fractures
    • Concussions

Pay It Safe With Pro-form Mouthguards

  • Full Contact Sports
    • Football
    • Hockey
    • Lacrosse
    • Boxing
    • Mixed martial Arts (MMA)
    • Wrestling
    • Rugby
  • Limited Contact Sports
    • Basketball
    • Soccer
    • Skiing
    • Baseball
    • Cycling
    • Gymnastics
    • Skiing
    • Skateboarding
    • Volleyball
    • Softball
    • Motorcross

Bite Splints & Nightguards

Hard and Soft Nightguards

Hard/Soft Nightguards

  • Maxillary or Mandibular
  • thermoformed for patient custom fit

Soft Night Guard

  • 3mm soft EVA Material
  • Ideal for patients with bruxing habits

Case planning always available with Brian Trachsel, CDT and Trachsel Dental Studio owner. Call 507-288-2362 or 1-800-831-2362 case estimates are also available.

Clear Retainers

"A modern approach to straightening teeth"

Clear Retainer

  • Comfortable
  • Removable
  • Nearly invisible


Case planning always available with Brian Trachsel, CDT and Trachsel Dental Studio owner. Call 507-288-2362 or 1-800-831-2362 case estimates are also available.


Custom Abutments

From all major implant companies:

  • Nobel Biocare
  • Straumann
  • Zimmer
  • Biomet 3i
  • Biohorizons
  • Dentsply
  • Astra
  • Keystone

Available in full titanium, titanium gold hue, full zirconia, zirconia hybrid (titanium base). TDS custom abutments are designed using 3Shape CAD software.

* All abutments are custom milled at the respectable implant companies, see abutment warranties below

Abutment & Crown Options:

BruxZir Full Zirconia Crown

  • Titanium Abutment
  • Zirconia Hybrid (titanium base)

e.max Crown

  • Zirconia Hybrid (titanium base)
  • Full Zirconia
  • Titanium (if enough crown material is available)

PFM or Full Cast Gold (white/yellow)

  • Titanium Abutment

Screw retained crowns, cement to abutment crowns and crowns with "vent" holes available. Vent holes are helpful during crown insertion for excess cement to escape and clean.

Abutment Warranties


2-4 weeks (custom abutments milled off-site)
All custom abutments come with manufacturers final screw.
Torque wrench kits available for rent at Trachsel Dental. Please make request on Rx.

Need a Part?

Implant impression coping (open tray, closed tray), Implant analog, final screw?

Call TDS and we can order what you will need!